Campo Community Leadership Institute (CCLI)

Application deadline is Friday, January 22


CLI is a program centered on the idea that exploration of your own local community can create the space for transformational identity development, preparing you to become a powerful authentic leader.


We seek to live in a world full of empowered authentic leaders who ask questions, advocate for their beliefs and build thriving and equitable communities.


Community:​ We are a community built from loving empathy, which encourages participants to take autonomy of their own learning while building trust with one another.

Connection:​ When we build connections between instructors, local leaders, and institutions, we create the conditions for a safe and thriving community.

Authenticity:​ We become leaders when we share ourselves, are vulnerable, and listen deeply to our peers and to the stories of local leaders; through this process, we access our power-within and can stay true to our authentic selves as we navigate the world.

Pedagogical Ideology

Culture of Power

Students will learn to distinguish the default Culture of Power as it shows up in their lives, their school and community. This work is grounded in Lisa’s Delpit’s book “Other People’s Children” where she names the aspects of the Culture of Power (White Supremacy Culture). Through this lens, we will explore power in many different ways, including our power within, building power-with, and distinguishing power-over when we see it.

Anti-Racism & Equity Centering

We will consider ourselves to be starting an anti-racist journey together. To

Pedagogy of the oppressed

Our classroom culture will be be grounded in the work of Paulo Freire’s pedagogy of the oppressed in that it will incorporate deep critical thinking about the political contexts of our learning environment. It will also incorporate the following practices:

Dialogical Relations:​ Dialogical relations, or the egalitarian interaction between students and teachers, will be fully integrated throughout the curriculum to allow students and teachers to collectively and critically define and address a community issue. Students will feel fully respected by the teacher and experience a student-teacher relationship that shares learning, teaching, and decision-making.

Praxis: The course will leverage the concept of praxis, or the actions students take as a result of their learning. Empowerment and engagement require both action and reflection. Thus, a community leadership project provides a great opportunity for deep learning, as students can put into practice the passion and skills they develop over the course of the class. Students will realize that they do not have to accept the world as it is, but that they have the power to change it.

Key Objectives


Provide support for students at Campolindo High School to increase their knowledge and skills in becoming equity-focused changemakers in their school, community, and the world.


Students will feel connected to themselves, their school and local community. Students will feel their power-within. Students will embody an equity lens and an asset based view of community.


Students will define equity, leadership and success for themselves and their school community. Students will develop their skills for reflection, learn levers for changes, develop the language and practices for how to be on an anti-racist journey, and step into leadership around issues of equity in their school community.

Program Dates and Timeline

Application Live Friday, January 8

Application Deadline Friday, January 22

Notify Accepted Students Friday, January 29

Accepted Students Info Session Monday, February 8 or Tuesday, February 9

Kick-off Bootcamp (2-day) Saturday, February 20 - Sunday, February 21 (times TBD)

Day One: Defining Community (create our brave space; purpose of CLI; mapping our journeys and our equity story)

Day Two: ABCD Day (asset based community development; asset map Lamorinda; opportunities to engage, learn, and partner with local leaders from the community, other neighborhood and local schools and like minded civic organizations around the region)

Program Dates (3-5pm) Session 1, Monday, March 1: The first revolution is internal

Session 2, Monday, March 15: Race in our Community

Session 3, Monday, March 29: Grassroots Power & Youth Power Day

Session 4, Monday, April 12: Building Power-with

Session 5, Monday, April 26: How equity issues show up at school

Session 6, Monday, May 10: How

Session 7, Monday, May 24: Planning and prepping

Session 8, Monday, June 7: Last Session

Session 9, (Date TBD): Community Symposium

Potential Readings and Resources

● Excerpts from How to be an Anti-racist, White fragility

● Podcasts: How to Survive the end of the World, 1619, Nice White Parents

● Youth organizing resources and resources for power and movement building

● Culture of Power, 3 types of Power, Power Coat

● Youth organizing handbook and levers for change

● Asset Based Community Development Handbook