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Here are some resources regarding student clubs related to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Campolindo's Diversity Dispatch is a bi-weekly, student run, equity and diversity focused newsletter that aims to educate and empower the Campolindo student body.

Every issue recognizes people of diverse abilities and backgrounds, and showcases works of art, literature, and film that emphasize diversity and equity.

The latest issue (Issue I, Volume 2) is the first of the new school year.

Check out their current issue and archives at

Diversity Dispatch V2I1.pdf

Campo Community Leadership Institute 2021

Student leaders and other engaged students at Campo are highly motivated to improve the culture and climate for all students at their school and within their community.

This work is challenging and may require them to utilize a set of skills and strategies that are different than anything they have learned before. By developing and/or expanding those skills and exposing them to those strategies, not only will they be able to enact positive change on their own campus, but be better positioned to be lifelong equity-centered changemakers.

To that end, this semester-long Community Leadership Institute (CLI) experience, for a cohort of students, will culminate in an equity-focused, action-oriented project that works to increase a culture of inclusiveness and belonging at Campolindo High School and across the greater Lamorinda community.


CLI is a program centered on the idea that exploration of your own local community can create the space for transformational identity development, preparing you to become a powerful authentic leader.


We seek to live in a world full of empowered authentic leaders who ask questions, advocate for their beliefs and build thriving and equitable communities.

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