Who we are

We are primarily a group of 190+ motivated parents and community members, bonded by a need to teach our children how to be global citizens who value the wholeness of a person's being, regardless of race, class, gender, religion, ability, etc.

We want our school, district and community to be a safe, caring and mutually respectful environment where all students are honored and valued for their diverse cultural backgrounds, unique strengths and diverse abilities.

We use our influence to support, guide and inform about issues of belonging, diversity and inclusion at Campolindo High School and within the Lamorinda community.


D&I Group Steering Committee

Provides strategic oversight and guidance of the group as it makes progress towards the group’s mission and objectives; serves as a liaison with school/district leaders to advocate on policy and curriculum updates that promote racial equity, nondiscrimination and a sense of belonging amongst the student and staffing diversity

Gary Hill, D&I Group Vice-chair Ellide Smith, D&I Group Chair

Joanna Hill Patrick Turner, Faculty Liaison

Christine Lenahan, Campo Parents Club President Maria Weaver

Jason Rosiak Maura Wolf

Shannon Sieckert, Faculty Liaison

Athletics and Club Outreach

Contact: Jason Rosiak

Works closely with Campo faculty/staff to encourage and support diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives within the areas of athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities

Books, Film and Media

Contact: Sally Whipple

Promotes parent and student education through the mediums of books, film and other media source focusing on the experiences and authors of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities


Contacts: Emily O'Connor

Communicates with parents, students, sponsors, and the community about diversity efforts within the group through the group website, newsletter, press releases and other marketing efforts

Community and Districtwide

Contact: Robert Schwartz

Educates and engages the local community to stop racism, hate and promote a safe, inclusion environment

Identifies and recommends academic, district, government, and non-profit organizations with which the group should formulate strategic partnerships

Data, Research and Evaluation

Contact: Will Dow

Actively engage in data collection through a variety of forms of systematic inquiry including formal scientific, social, and economic research, as well as school/district evaluations, culture improvement and performance improvement

Content and Programming (Parent Education)

Contact: Abby Shah

Identifies and develops programs and activities that will provide education, awareness, support, and growth of diversity for parents and community members

Sponsorships and Donations

Cultivates and secures corporate and private sponsorships, as well as secure grants to fund group activities and efforts

Student Culture and Campus Climate Change

Contact: Anne Naffziger

Advises on proposed curriculum changes, programs, activities, student engagement and identity building