"Inclusion is a right, not a privilege to a select few."

Judge Geary, Oberti vs. Board of Education

Prospective Parent DEI Projects for 2022

Come join us on February 24 at 7PM in the Campo Library to help us work towards our mission by working on the projects below. REGISTER HERE

Projects we're working on now:

1. Make the survey data collected this year public and work with the school and district to set clear goals based on survey indicators that everyone can drive towards actions

2. Update the coaches code of conduct to reflect the student code of conduct

3. Create a sustainable and inclusive structure for communications both within our smaller group as well as the larger group including newsletter, social media, website FAQ's, et. al.

4. Support the LEC to bring speakers (and potentially support financially) in their high interest areas

Projects to be started in the next couple of months:

1. Have a group that is in charge of a “Welcome to Campo DNI” to enlist new parents to our group including working with the K-8 schools

2. Create one more session this year with Dr. Watson and invite the greater community. This may become a fall session tied to the Welcome to Campo DNI push

3. Work with the Leadership Equity Council and other stakeholders to begin planning United Against Hate Week

4. Determine the best way to push for a Title IX review/audit

Campo 2021 Student Experience Survey Results.pdf

Campolindo Student Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Survey (November 2021)

56% of students witnessed a racist incident by a student on campus last year, with 28% witnessing a racist incident by a staff member

49% feel that "I can really be myself at Campo"

At the end of October 2020, Campo released the results of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Belonging Survey, which students participated in on Oct. 5th. Impressively, 87% of 1,403 students submitted survey answers. Administration shared that the purpose of conducting this survey was the need to have each student voice matter.

During an informative "Campo Connect" session conducted with Parents following the publication of the survey, it was discussed that the benefits of retrieving this data are that it will help administration and the community to better understand where we are seeing increased growth, and which are the areas we need to focus on. The goal is to create and nurture a culture that is reflective of Campo's mission statement.

The survey was given again in November 2021, again with over 90% of the students completing the survey. If you have questions, feedback, or concerns regarding the data please share them using the following email address: 1400missions@dnicampo.com


We will work towards an inclusive academic, athletic and social environment where every member of our community is valued and feels an equal sense of belonging.


The Campo Parents Club Diversity & Inclusion Group is dedicated to identifying, implementing, and supporting a strategic approach to combating racism, discrimination and exclusion, in our academic, athletic and club settings, as well as within the local community.